Best Chrome Apps

04/26 to 04/27

Top 20 Utility Apps

#1 String/Text EncoderDecoder

103% Growth

You can use this String/Text Encoder/Decoder to:Decode string from UTF8 or BASE64

940 Users

#2 Encrypt Message

103% Growth

Protect important messages you want to send by Email, SMS, IM, etc.

1,164 Users

#3 Lotto number generator

103% Growth

This generator is a quick way to generates random lottery tickets.

1,032 Users

#4 Swiss Clock CE-7

103% Growth

Analog Swiss clock.

1,122 Users

#5 Number Converter

103% Growth

Number Converter - Convert from Binary, Octal, Decimal, Hexa Decimal, Roman

539 Users


102% Growth

Online Port Scanner, Security Vulnerability Scanners and IP Tools for Network and Security testing

1,256 Users

#7 Magic 8 Ball

102% Growth

Answers your yes or no question

949 Users

#8 Password generator

102% Growth

This page allows you to generate random passwords with the highest quality randomness and is very easy to use

2,329 Users

#9 Android Widget

102% Growth

AndroidWidget.Info updates you with the latest Android Widgets and apps. Get the most out of your Android device.

1,060 Users

#10 Rough Gaming (RuneScape) TeamSpeak

102% Growth

A app that launches TeamSpeak and connects you directly to the Rough Gaming server.

687 Users

#11 ???? Google Chrome

102% Growth

???? Google Chrome

20,546 Users

#12 Barcode Generator

101% Growth

Software to generate barcode according to the value you specified.

13,030 Users

#13 Internet Speed Test

101% Growth

Free network speed test. Click and start your internet speed test. What's your speed?

4,220 Users

#14 People Locator

101% Growth

Help find loved ones in the event of a disaster. A project of the National Library of Medicine.

534 Users

#15 Time Flip

101% Growth

Time Flip is a beautiful widget style web-app - drawing an analogue-style flip clock, not unlike that found on HTC phones.

1,487 Users

#16 ShowSlow

101% Growth

Show Slow is an open source tool that helps monitor various website performance metrics over time.

4,229 Users

#17 CalcuNow

101% Growth

A basic, customizable calculator that provides instant results as you are typing.

22,217 Users

#18 Telnet Tool

101% Growth

This tool is used to open tcp connection to another host on specific tcp port number and retreive response

4,080 Users

#19 NoteOnHand

101% Growth

A convenient tool to send quick notes to your Android phone from Chrome.

2,134 Users

#20 Trace route Tool

101% Growth

This tool is used to trace route from server to specific host address

3,448 Users

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