Best Chrome Apps

10/21 to 10/22

Top 20 Utility Apps

#1 earTastic

106% Growth

An app that lets you train your Solfedge-Skills

765 Users

#2 TimeCamp

105% Growth

TimeCamp, web based time tracking software. Graphical timesheets, powerful reports, idle time detection and more.

691 Users

#3 Picture Collage Maker

104% Growth

Fun and easy-to-use program for creating photo collages and digital scrapbooks from your digital photos

1,507 Users

#4 Site Navigator - Scroll To Top Button

104% Growth

A scroll to the top, web search and website navigator widget.

994 Users

#5 About Page

104% Growth

A shortcut to the list of Chrome URLs (chrome://about)

662 Users

#6 500px Wallpaper

104% Growth

Automatically sets popular images on 500px as the desktop wallpaper on ChromeOS. Requires Dev channel of ChromeOS.

699 Users

#7 42 Quote - Quotes of the World

103% Growth

Get inspired and motivated with the best quotes of the world!

520 Users

#8 New Tab Plus(APP)

103% Growth

New Tab Plus is an extended application of the Chrome brower which is based on HTML5. It offers several features such as speedů

78,942 Users

#9 Qwant for Chrome

103% Growth

QWANT is a search engine that shows you the web in a different way. No tracking, No filter bubble, No cookies. Search free.

1,459 Users

#10 Yosemite Windows theme

103% Growth

Turn Windows into Mac OS X Yosemite

4,613 Users

#11 InstaNotes

103% Growth

Amazing way to create notes

527 Users

#12 TrackingTime | Time Tracker

102% Growth

Time Tracking app that helps to manage projects, track working times and measure productivity.

6,326 Users

#13 Solar Year Disk

102% Growth

An annual clock that takes an entire year to turn, moving the face against a steady hand.

671 Users

#14 Excel to PDF -

102% Growth

The simplest way to convert excel to PDF

1,501 Users

#15 Time and Line

102% Growth

Time and Line, is an online graph application for creating timeline graphs. Show combined untis locations during time line

924 Users

#16 Edom Onkyo Remote

102% Growth

Easy remote for Onkyo

647 Users

#17 PCRx

102% Growth

Increase PC Speed and Repair Registry Errors!

896 Users

#18 Squarespace

102% Growth

Everything you need to create your own professional website

906 Users

#19 Mini Wiktionary

102% Growth

Find the meaning of the word with this useful Wiktionary mini-tool directly. Wiki based Dictionary, Quickly and easily search!

2,279 Users

#20 Spanish Central

102% Growth

A new, free site designed especially for Spanish language learners!

2,060 Users

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