Best Chrome Apps

11/26 to 11/27

Top 20 Utility Apps

#1 Webflow - Website Builder

106% Growth

Webflow is a drag-and-drop website builder for creating professional responsive websites without code.

2,601 Users

#2 Christmas Clock - the Xmas Countdown

105% Growth

Count down to Xmas with this sweet Christmas Clock.

1,391 Users

#3 Guitar Charts Creator

104% Growth

Create chord charts and diagrams for guitar!

1,225 Users

#4 Christmas Day Countdown

104% Growth

Minimalistic and beautiful Christmas countdown.

15,054 Users

#5 Squarespace

103% Growth

Everything you need to create your own professional website

1,394 Users

#6 Archiver on rollApp

103% Growth

File Roller - simple yet powerful archive manager with support for ZIP, RAR and more. Powered by rollApp.

6,393 Users

#7 Remind Wall

103% Growth

A remind me in 2 mins tool.

653 Users

#8 Pending List

103% Growth

A todo list app which can be shared with others, supports offline mode, sync changes live and many other features.

626 Users

#9 EveryDay - Tasks &To-Do Lists

103% Growth

Extremely convenient way to have anything done! Simple and functional to-do and task management application.

1,719 Users

#10 Work Orders - Task Management

103% Growth

Flexibility to use to manage tasks, service tickets, internal and external projects, as a collaboration tool, and much more.

638 Users

#11 TimerX3

103% Growth

TimerX3 is a simple cooking timer

817 Users

#12 MyMaps

103% Growth

Build your own maps

584 Users


103% Growth is the free and powerful reference list generator for Harvard, Australian Harvard, and APA referencing styles.

1,846 Users

#14 Wolfram Alpha Widget Launcher

103% Growth

Widget Runner, You can add & manage your favorite Wolfram widget or other widget, script, flash code. No login required.

1,342 Users

#15 Evitask

103% Growth

Evitask let"s you manage your project tasks and personal tasks. With a visual board you get full control of your daily planning

994 Users

#16 Mocha TN5250

103% Growth

TN5250 emulator for easy AS/400 access.

693 Users

#17 Widgets For Site

102% Growth

The world"s first gallery of professional website widgets.

752 Users

#18 Mic Note -Audio Recorder & Notepad

102% Growth

Record voice through HOURS while taking note synced, for lectures,meetings,conferences,interviews.

16,825 Users

#19 Freelancy Time Tracker

102% Growth

A per-task time tracker

1,986 Users

#20 ClockDigital

102% Growth

A Page That Shows The Time, Date And Day.

606 Users

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