Best Chrome Apps

09/01 to 09/02

Top 20 Utility Apps

1 TimeDoser

110% Growth

Dosify your time

1,565 Users

2 E-Sign with Adobe EchoSign

105% Growth

Finish business faster with Adobe EchoSign. EchoSign is the #1 e-signature service to get your documents signed.

2,046 Users

3 Advanced Diary

104% Growth

Advanced Diary is journal app with an abundance of features and complete ease of use.

693 Users

4 CleanScreen

103% Growth

Gain complete visibility while cleaning your computer screen

661 Users

5 Webydo

103% Growth

Webydo is a professional online website design software for designers.

576 Users

6 Business Card Maker Free

103% Growth


1,209 Users

7 PPT to PDF -

103% Growth

The best way to convert your ppt slides to PDF

677 Users

8 CamioCam Viewer

103% Growth

Smart Search and Alerts for your personal real-time video streams

567 Users

9 Super New Tab(APP)

103% Growth

Super New tab page is a metro style Chrome new tab page extension. It has more than 20+ improvements based on Chrome organic new

1,495 Users

10 Windows 8 Apps

103% Growth

Apps for Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and other Desktop Utilities are offered by this Chrome App. Launch this App to view and download

1,356 Users

11 Solar Year Disk

102% Growth

An annual clock that takes an entire year to turn, moving the face against a steady hand.

541 Users

12 Ounce Gram

102% Growth

Ounce Gram Converter

1,096 Users

13 ArchiBIMViewer

102% Growth

When uploading the IFC File in Google Drive ArchiBIM Viewer provides service on reviewing the web.

684 Users

14 Simple Pass Gen

102% Growth

Open Simple Password Generator in a new tab

958 Users

15 Guitar Notes Guitar Note Reference

102% Growth

Guitar notes reference teaches the relationship between the guitar fretboard and the musical staff.

1,521 Users

16 Internet Connection Speed Test

102% Growth

How fast is your Internet connection? Find out using this app.

1,192 Users

17 Broadband Speed Test

102% Growth

Check your internet speed with our fast, accurate and simple broadband speed test

1,662 Users

18 CleanDisk

102% Growth

One-Click Disk Cleanup utility

787 Users

19 Timer

102% Growth

A minimal timer

846 Users

20 Staff Planning Scheduling - Schedule it Pro

102% Growth

Multiple Resource Scheduling Application

520 Users

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