Best Chrome Apps

10/29 to 10/30

Top 20 Utility Apps

#1 Remember Me! Yearbooks

108% Growth

Create Yearbooks Online!

602 Users

#2 Remind Wall

108% Growth

A remind me in 2 mins tool.

639 Users

#3 Comics Head

106% Growth

Comics Head - Endless Storytelling Possibilities

2,053 Users

#4 Picture Collage Maker

105% Growth

Fun and easy-to-use program for creating photo collages and digital scrapbooks from your digital photos

1,610 Users

#5 Remind Me Later

105% Growth

Now never forget what you have planned.

1,866 Users

#6 Mocha TN5250

105% Growth

TN5250 emulator for easy AS/400 access.

710 Users

#7 HDFC Life

105% Growth

HDFC Life is an Indian private life insurance company.

990 Users

#8 Desktop

104% Growth is a completely free diagram editor.

16,069 Users

#9 Notify

104% Growth

Receive notifications from your Android phone right on your computer via Chrome

849 Users

#10 MyMaps

104% Growth

Build your own maps

565 Users

#11 PocketCloud

104% Growth

Search, view, organize, and share from yourcomputers while on the go.

42,906 Users

#12 Bulk URL Opener

104% Growth

Open multiple URLs at once

2,466 Users

#13 SummarizeThis

104% Growth

An Iris Reading Productivity Tool

857 Users

#14 Wolfram Alpha Widget Launcher

103% Growth

Widget Runner, You can add & manage your favorite Wolfram widget or other widget, script, flash code. No login required.

1,157 Users

#15 Copromly

103% Growth

Easily turn boring text into an interactive visual experience

797 Users

#16 QR Creator

103% Growth

Free Online QR Code Generator to make your own QR Codes. Download and Share Easily. Free!

2,059 Users

#17 Moonfruit - Free Website Builder

103% Growth

Moonfruit offers a free website and online shop builder that allows you to "publish once and have total design control.

1,317 Users

#18 gcode-sender

103% Growth

Send gcode files to a CNC machine.

662 Users

#19 QR Code Generator App

103% Growth

Instant QR Code images and short Urls for plain text, SMS messages, emails, VCard and MeCard, contacts, location, WiFi, etc

1,973 Users

#20 PsykOo

103% Growth

PsykOo! is a totally new way to search the web. See where you go before going there and discover more.

658 Users

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