Best Chrome Apps

01/02 to 01/30

Top 20 Utility Apps

#1 Dictionary

220% Growth

Simple but Powerful Dictionary

15,527 Users

#2 Flashlight

143% Growth

A free flashlight.

5,085 Users

#3 Simple Counter

132% Growth

Simple Counter App

1,927 Users

#4 Flip Clock

126% Growth

Tells you the time - with style.

1,552 Users

#5 Magic 8 Ball

124% Growth

Answers your yes or no question

728 Users

#6 Telnet Tool

122% Growth

This tool is used to open tcp connection to another host on specific tcp port number and retreive response

4,996 Users

#7 Send Later for Gmail

122% Growth

This application can be used to schedule Gmail draft messages.

3,668 Users

#8 MM,CM,Inch Converter

122% Growth

cm, mm to inch conversion, convert centimeters to fractions of inches, actual size virtual ruler

2,191 Users

#9 Swiss Clock CE-7

120% Growth

Analog Swiss clock.

1,149 Users

#10 Weight Converter

120% Growth

Weight Converter Converts from Milligram, Gram, Decigram, Kilogram, Metric Ton, Ounce, Pound, Ton (US) and vice-versa

668 Users

#11 Ping Tool

120% Growth

Ping tool is used to send packet and check response from other host on the internat

6,818 Users

#12 Despertador Online

120% Growth

Despertador Online versão web, é gratuíto e fácil de usar!

2,353 Users

#13 Tarefas

119% Growth

Gerenciamento de Tarefas

714 Users

#14 Save For Later - Bookmark manager

119% Growth

Create and organize your bookmarks online, read them later on any device.

3,355 Users

#15 SMTP Tool

118% Growth

This tool is used to check SMTP connection with an email server or smtp server

795 Users


118% Growth

LogoLounge was born out of a need for a more efficient way to find reference material for logos. The LogoLounge online logo…

806 Users

#17 Proximo Feriado

117% Growth

Próximo Feriado é um aplicativo simples e objetivo que lhe informa a contagem regressiva até o próximo feriado.

2,615 Users

#18 PathEnq

117% Growth

XPath 2.0 Editor

4,439 Users


116% Growth

Deutschlands großer Toner und Tinten Spezialist seit 1993. Sparen Sie bis zu 95% bei Tinte und Toner!

902 Users

#20 Writer's Notebook

115% Growth

A writer's notebok that goes with you.

669 Users

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