Best Chrome Apps

01/30 to 01/31

Top 20 Utility Apps

#1 Agile Poker Clock

108% Growth

Planning Poker Clock; Keep agile estimation sessions, meetings and presentations focused and in flow.

610 Users

#2 Markdownista

107% Growth

Concentrate to typing it

750 Users

#3 Learner's Dictionary

107% Growth

The best dictionary available for English language learners!

2,434 Users

#4 EdisonCloud

105% Growth

Web-based 3D Lab for Exploring Electricity & Electronics

2,313 Users

#5 Hermit

105% Growth

Create your Private, Personal Journal in seconds.

929 Users

#6 Flick & Share

105% Growth

Allows Flickr users to generate a (shareable) short-link to automatically download all their set's pictures in high-resolution.

1,372 Users

#7 Bulk URL Opener

105% Growth

Open multiple URLs at once

3,475 Users

#8 WriteLaTeX

105% Growth

The online platform for scientific writing.

1,541 Users

#9 Todo.txt - Lean & fast task management app

105% Growth

A full featured standalone chrome app to accompany your Todo.txt file and smartphone apps.

668 Users

#10 Marxico

105% Growth

Powerful Markdown Editor for Evernote

14,054 Users

#11 Personal TaskManager

104% Growth

This organizer will ensure you never again miss that all important task to do.

1,580 Users

#12 Kerika

104% Growth

Kerika is the only task board designed specially for distributed teams: it works beautifully with your Google Apps, in any brows

2,008 Users

#13 sizzlepig

104% Growth

A streamlined image resizer for creating multiple sizes including mobile, tablet and more.

662 Users

#14 Show My IP

104% Growth

Show your IP Address, quickly.

809 Users

#15 Stopwatch

104% Growth

Stopwatch - Does the same as all the other stopwatches, but looks better! :)

11,603 Users

#16 Diigo Web

104% Growth

#1 online service for annotating, bookmarking, archiving and sharing webpages, plus a lot more!

156,088 Users

#17 imgExpress

104% Growth

A free and unlimited-use photo processing tool. Watermark, Resize, Enhance, and Compress your picture and screenshots.

1,326 Users

#18 Flex Note

103% Growth

A simple note taking app that supports dynamic layout

924 Users

#19 Search All in New Tab -

103% Growth

Access different search engines in New Tab. Simple, fast and powerful. Also available as chrome extension

572 Users

#20 CamioCam

103% Growth

Your browser-based Security Camera with Smart Alerts and Search

1,477 Users

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