Best Chrome Apps

03/04 to 03/05

Top 20 Utility Apps

#1 Crypto Lite (Free)

126% Growth

A light AES encryption client

807 Users

#2 Soundtrap

106% Growth

Record music online

4,568 Users

#3 JarvisX

106% Growth

JarvisX, is everyone"s favorite HTML5 virtual servant. Over 50 commands, and artificial intelligence to interpret everything you

659 Users

#4 StopWatch

104% Growth

A pretty and flexible stopwatch application. Allows you to measure laps.

4,372 Users

#5 Collect Money Pages by Pay It Square

103% Growth

We help you utilize your PayPal account to collect money from any group for anything.

779 Users

#6 Weight Converter

103% Growth

Weight Converter Converts from Milligram, Gram, Decigram, Kilogram, Metric Ton, Ounce, Pound, Ton (US) and vice-versa

631 Users

#7 CamioCam Viewer

103% Growth

Smart Search and Alerts for your personal real-time video streams

787 Users

#8 Bing Background Wallpaper

103% Growth

Automatically sets Bing's image of the day as the desktop wallpaper on ChromeOS.Requires Dev channel of Chrome OS.

1,361 Users

#9 PCRx

103% Growth

Increase PC Speed and Repair Registry Errors!

1,091 Users

#10 Calculator Actual

103% Growth

Actual Calculator to calculate simple problems

1,978 Users

#11 Pricefish - Pricing Table and Page Builder

103% Growth

Easily create a free pricing page, create , compare and optimize no technical skills required. Hosting included.

847 Users

#12 WattCalc

102% Growth

A calculator that helps you learn the cost of operating an electrical device for which you know the averagewattage.

840 Users

#13 - Online Photo Editor

102% Growth is a free online photo editor for images in all common formats (JPG, PNG, BMP). Adjust and crop images in browser.

2,419 Users

#14 YaaW

102% Growth

Yet Another Aria2 Web frontend for Chrome

1,004 Users

#15 Stopwatch

102% Growth

A counting stopwatch which has beautiful simplicity

1,119 Users

#16 Anonymous Proxy Browser

102% Growth

This is a straightforward anonymizing solution allows for a safe, anonymous and online based browsing.

3,815 Users

#17 UnlockUnit - Phone Unlocking Fast and Secure

102% Growth is an online platform that helps people to unlock their Samsung, LG, Motorola or Blackberry cellphones.

1,254 Users

#18 Image to SVG Text Converter

102% Growth

Convert images to stylized text in SVG format.

1,630 Users

#19 Mocha TN5250

102% Growth

TN5250 emulator for easy AS/400 access.

831 Users

#20 Converter

102% Growth

Converter, Instant Unit Converters:

1,351 Users

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