Best Chrome Apps

03/28 to 03/29

Top 20 Utility Apps

#1 My IP Address

106% Growth

Shows the IP address of your computer.

875 Users

#2 Collect Money Pages by Pay It Square

104% Growth

We help you utilize your PayPal account to collect money from any group for anything.

875 Users

#3 Moxtra Web

102% Growth

Your Binder. Share Selectively.

1,750 Users

#4 SimpleDB Scratchpad

102% Growth

Test and make calls to Amazon SimpleDB without having to set up a programming environment

709 Users


102% Growth

Online Port Scanner, Security Vulnerability Scanners and IP Tools for Network and Security testing

1,202 Users

#6 myInventory

101% Growth

Manage your assets and inventory items.

946 Users

#7 Font Freak - Download free fonts

101% Growth

Download free fonts for Windows and Mac. Huge selection of freeware and shareware TrueType fonts.

601 Users

#8 Password generator

101% Growth

This page allows you to generate random passwords with the highest quality randomness and is very easy to use

2,183 Users

#9 PathEnq

101% Growth

XPath 2.0 Editor

3,902 Users

#10 Ping Tool

101% Growth

Ping tool is used to send packet and check response from other host on the internat

5,010 Users

#11 ShowSlow

101% Growth

Show Slow is an open source tool that helps monitor various website performance metrics over time.

4,038 Users

#12 DNS Lookup Tool

101% Growth

This tool will to help administrators to find any dns records with all types

1,395 Users

#13 Prey Anti-Theft

101% Growth

Prey is a free anti-theft app that lets you keep track of your devices whenever stolen or missing, easily and all in one place.

7,437 Users

#14 Flashlight

101% Growth

A free flashlight.

3,778 Users

#15 Yandex

100% Growth

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676,775 Users

#16 CalcuNow

100% Growth

A basic, customizable calculator that provides instant results as you are typing.

21,714 Users

#17 NoteOnHand

100% Growth

A convenient tool to send quick notes to your Android phone from Chrome.

2,085 Users

#18 TraceMyIP

100% Growth

Website and social network visitor IP tracking, online advertising campaign manager, and visitor access controller.

730 Users

#19 Write Space

100% Growth

A customizable, offline, and full-screen text-editor.

66,019 Users

#20 QR Maker

100% Growth

A QR Code Generator application. You can change colors and choose several differnt types.

1,900 Users

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