Best Chrome Apps

07/31 to 08/01

Top 20 Utility Apps

1 Business Card Maker Free

123% Growth


619 Users

2 iFax

108% Growth


1,121 Users

3 Desktop

106% Growth is a completely free diagram editor.

2,483 Users

4 Infant Growth Chart Calculators

106% Growth

Infant and baby growth chart calculator for weight, length, head circumference and age based on Center For Disease Control data.

706 Users

5 Kiosk

105% Growth

Launch any URL as a full-screen kiosk.

526 Users

6 Mic Note -Audio Recorder & Notepad

104% Growth

Record voice through HOURS while taking note synced, for lectures,meetings,conferences,interviews.

2,222 Users

7 Site Bookmarks

104% Growth

This is a website directory with the best and most popular websites.

3,078 Users

8 Sync Clipboard

104% Growth

Sync Clipboard is a Clipboard for text and images that is shared across all your Chrome Desktop browsers thanks to Google Drive.

1,266 Users

9 Snoopple Online CV (Resume)

104% Growth

The online CV (Resume) for job hunters looking for employment, create a totally online CV (Resume) and share it today.

888 Users

10 Pidgin Host Admin

104% Growth

Administrate all your services from Pidgin Host datacenter with our easy to use administration panel.

577 Users

11 Stopwatch

104% Growth

The Stopwatch is an essential timer tool

662 Users

12 Cupola VR Viewer

104% Growth

Connects your Oculus Rift to Web-based VR demos for low-latency head-tracking.

627 Users

13 Kids Search

104% Growth

Kids Search removes all adult related website's from children's Google search engine results.

520 Users

14 Any Files To PDF

104% Growth

you can use to create PDF from any printable document. Download this free PDF printer right now and use it to convert to PDF

876 Users

15 Organimi

104% Growth

Organimi is a simple, easy to use web app for creating and managing org charts for all the organizations you belong to.

778 Users

16 WifiTransfer - Instant wireless file transfer

104% Growth

Wirelessly transfer files between yourcomputer and mobile phone over local network with a single tap.

4,404 Users

17 Task Delegation

104% Growth

"Google Tasks TM Delegation Add-on" adds the ability to delegate your Google tasks to colleagues or team members. They will be…

568 Users

18 CCleaner

104% Growth

CCleaner, Nowadays, cookies, temporary files, and various other means of tracking your Web

1,963 Users

19 Word to PDF -

104% Growth

Convert your doc to PDF online for free

680 Users

20 My IOS 7 New Tab

103% Growth

Bring IOS7 with remove Ads,add quick search and add mousewheel to switch pages to your Chrome. Let's experience it.

1,098 Users

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